Our ultra-modern emergency call centres throughout Germany react faster than lightning. Experienced security specialists work around the clock to secure properties throughout Germany. Whether an alarm or an emergency, Sicherheit Nord immediately initiates the measures necessary for your security and safety.

State Emergency number
Baden-Württemberg 0431 640 64
Bavaria 030 70 79 200
Berlin 030 70 79 200
Brandenburg 030 70 79 200
Bremen 0431 640 64
Hamburg 0431 640 64
Hesse 02433 9800
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 0381 492 160
Lower Saxony 0431 640 64
North Rhine-Westphalia 02433 9800
Rhineland-Palatinate 02433 9800
Saarland 0431 640 64
Saxony 030 70 79 200
Saxony-Anhalt 030 70 79 200
Schleswig-Holstein 0431 640 64
Thuringia 030 70 79 200

Sicherheit Nord is a security provider operating nationwide. We provide the complete spectrum of professional security services from alarm management, mobile services and surveillance to securing entire military properties.Company portrait


08.04.2015 - Sicherheit Nord Mitarbeiter unterstützen mit Sachspenden

Seit Mitte Februar ist die SICHERHEIT NORD der Sicherheitspartner für das ohne Vorlaufzeit kurzfristig eröffnete...

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Career: Guarding military objectsMoreCheck our career database, for interesting job offers in Germany. Become a Sicherheit Nord employee as Manager, Trainer, ...

Peace of mind while you are awayMoreYour alarm system is connected to our emergency call centre. If an alarm is signalled our mobile patrol will call on your property to ascertain the cause and determine what subsequent measures need to be taken.

Boarding complete. Ready to sailMoreSicherheit Nord checked 1300 passengers and all their luggage and helped them to board the AIDAcara quickly, easily and safely.

Nothing special to reportMoreSicherheit Nord's armed and psychologically trained specialists use cutting-edge technology and guard dogs to secure military properties throughout Germany.

Sicherheit Nord is a certified security provider

  • SCCP - Safety Certificate Contractors (uneingeschränktes Zertifikat Petrochemie)
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Security services according to DIN 77200 - performance of engagements according to quality criteria
  • certified emergency call centre
  • certified intervention centres