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Crime statistics 2012


Once again the number of break-ins in Germany has shot up. The police crime statistics show an increase of 8,6% in comparision to the previous year. The number of cases solved remains at 16,2%.

Every 3,7 minutes a flat or house is broken into. According to the statistics, over the last three years the number of break-ins has increased by nearly 30%. The damage was also at record levels. While insurers had to pay out 420 million Euros in 2011, in 2012 the German Insurance Association (GDV) is expecting to pay out 470 million Euros. One reason for this increase is the increasing technization of daily life with smart phones, tablets and laptops – all items burglars love to steal. "Thieves' work is still made too easy", said Jörg von Fürstenwerth, chairman of the executive board of the GDV. "Many houses and flats are insufficiently protected against break-ins." Yet the use of security technology could prevent burglary in four out of ten cases. The GDV also reminds us of the psychological consequences of break-ins. The knowledge that strangers have invaded their supposedly-secure privacy often causes loss of sleep or anxiety to the victims.



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