Our ultra-modern emergency call centres throughout Germany react faster than lightning. Experienced security specialists work around the clock to secure properties throughout Germany. Whether an alarm or an emergency, Sicherheit Nord immediately initiates the measures necessary for your security and safety.

StateEmergency number
Baden-Württemberg0431 640 64
Bavaria030 70 79 200
Berlin030 70 79 200
Brandenburg030 70 79 200
Bremen0431 640 64
Hamburg0431 640 64
Hesse02433 9800
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania0381 492 160
Lower Saxony0431 640 64
North Rhine-Westphalia02433 9800
Rhineland-Palatinate02433 9800
Saarland0431 640 64
Saxony030 70 79 200
Saxony-Anhalt030 70 79 200
Schleswig-Holstein0431 640 64
Thuringia030 70 79 200

Sicherheitsschule (security school)

Highest qualifications - for your security

Criminals are becoming more professional by the day. Hence the challenges grow daily that Sicherheit Nord must meet as a professional security and bodyguard service provider. Many of our employees are experienced, having been trained by the police or the military. For Sicherheit Nord this is not enough. We rely on on-going training in the company's own security school. In this way we can give our employees targetted and continual instruction.

Sicherheitsschule (security school)

You can find out more about our security school here




Standort Kiel
0431 - 97 99 61 76
Standort Berlin
030 - 707 92 02 85
Standort Hamburg
040 - 54 72 71 64
Standort Dresden
0351 - 49 77 62 79
Standort Bergkamen
02307 - 438 29 69

For questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Get your qualifications at our security school

It is not just employees of Sicherheit Nord that use our security school to remain fit for professional deployment. Our school offers courses and specialist training on an individual basis or for the entire workforce of a business. Get your staff or yourself qualified at our security school..

Our security school is a recognized and certified educational establishment

  • Recognised training provider (IHK)
  • Certified provider of further education according to AZWV
  • Accredited by the Federal Employment Agency
  • Accredited as provider of vocational training and further education by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Economy, Technology and Transport 
  • Accredited establishment for the training of persons responsible for maritime security in ports
  • Quality management according to ISO 9001/2008

Excerpts from the training programme:

  • Courses for firms on the topics of customer communications, conflict management, de-escalation, security and fire prevention 
    • Security sector knowledge test 
      • Programmes to attain German qualifications of Sicherheitsfachkraft, Geprüfte Schutz und Sicherheitskraft and Geprüfter Meister für Schutz und Sicherheit IHK
        • Seminars for intervention staff, fire prevention, personal security, dog handler training, instruction in the use of defensive weapons and general weapons knowledge 
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