Our ultra-modern emergency call centres throughout Germany react faster than lightning. Experienced security specialists work around the clock to secure properties throughout Germany. Whether an alarm or an emergency, Sicherheit Nord immediately initiates the measures necessary for your security and safety.

State Emergency number
Baden-Württemberg 0431 640 64
Bavaria 030 70 79 200
Berlin 030 70 79 200
Brandenburg 030 70 79 200
Bremen 0431 640 64
Hamburg 0431 640 64
Hesse 02433 9800
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 0381 492 160
Lower Saxony 0431 640 64
North Rhine-Westphalia 02433 9800
Rhineland-Palatinate 02433 9800
Saarland 0431 640 64
Saxony 030 70 79 200
Saxony-Anhalt 030 70 79 200
Schleswig-Holstein 0431 640 64
Thuringia 030 70 79 200

Guard service and physical protection / gate and reception service

Security, experienced and prudent

To secure large facilities requires professionality, experience and sensitivity. The challenges range from performing security checks on people and vehicles and monitoring plant and equipment to the patrolling of property. Sicherheit Nord can take over these tasks for you so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Entrance security at business premises

Benefits to clients


Tailor-made conceptsFacility security can also take on special operational duties.


First-class trainingOur experts use the most up-to-date video surveillance technology.


Respectable appearenceProfessional security reflects on the culture of your business.

Your business card in security matters

Every business and every large property presents its own security challenges. Technical solutions have to be matched to the sensible deployment of personnel. At the outset Sicherheit Nord makes a careful analysis of the situation. We decide with you where technical security solutions are possible and where our trained personnel should show a visible presence. From us you can expect a tailor-made concept for the effective and trouble-free security of your plant and facilities, professionally implemented by our well-trained security personnel. The appearance of our security personnel has a direct influence on your standing with customers, employees and business associates.

Consulting services

  • Preparation of tailor-made security concepts
  • Advice when investing in security technology

Security services

  • Security services:
  • Facility security
  • Staffing of facility security centres
  • Doorman service, telephone and reception services
  • Access control and identity checks
  • Patrolling
  • Internal and external security of open-air sites and venues
  • Monitoring of technical processes and logistical operations
  • Monitoring of building systems
  • Care and shielding of guests
  • Traffic direction and car park management
  • Building site security
  • Environmental protection and fire prevention
  • Safeguarding of ships
  • Medical service and tasks relating to workplace safety
  • Hotel doorman, concierge
  • Night manager and night auditor
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