Our ultra-modern emergency call centres throughout Germany react faster than lightning. Experienced security specialists work around the clock to secure properties throughout Germany. Whether an alarm or an emergency, Sicherheit Nord immediately initiates the measures necessary for your security and safety.

State Emergency number
Baden-Württemberg 0431 640 64
Bavaria 030 70 79 200
Berlin 030 70 79 200
Brandenburg 030 70 79 200
Bremen 0431 640 64
Hamburg 0431 640 64
Hesse 02433 9800
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 0381 492 160
Lower Saxony 0431 640 64
North Rhine-Westphalia 02433 9800
Rhineland-Palatinate 02433 9800
Saarland 0431 640 64
Saxony 030 70 79 200
Saxony-Anhalt 030 70 79 200
Schleswig-Holstein 0431 640 64
Thuringia 030 70 79 200

Guarding of federal armed forces properties

Services for national security

Heightened threats to national security lead to new challenges concerning military installations. Sicherheit Nord is partner to the armed forces, securing military properties throughout the country. According to the security concept selected, we deploy personnel who have been trained to shoot and in the handling of guard dogs.

Military security with the most modern technology

Benefits to clients


Professional personnelContinual training of security personnel, instructors and management.


Lean central managementCompetent, service-oriented management that provides maximum flexibility.


We keep our wordOn-going quality assurance ensuring honest co-operation with clients.


Contact our offices throughout Germany


Securing military properties


The securing of military properties requires tact and heightened vigilance. Often civilian staff or visitors enter and leave, not just soldiers. Sensitivity and complete concentration in such situations are just as important as rapid reactions and professional intervention. For this, Sicherheit Nord relies on our own security school and on its staff receiving high-quality training from instructors with military experien

Our security services:

  • Object-specific scenario training and on-going refresher courses
  • Personnel trained according to German law (§34a GewO) and military regulations (ZDv 10/6 and ZDv 14/9)
  • Guard dogs and dog handlers
  • Armed security guards
  • Use of the most up-to-date security technologies
  • Use of specialists, site managers, shift managers, console operatives

Efficient training structures


The dual system guarantees a first class and specialized education of our employees. With a constant high education frequency our enterprise is capable to qualify personnel efficient. Therefore Sicherheit Nord can convincingly perform enormous challenges. The high standard of the education, Sicherheit Nord complement through continuously object-related training, so we can provide personnel which is specialized for your military garrisons.

Facts to the structures of Sicherheit Nord Initial- and further education:

  • The school of security does the basic training, impart necessary knowledge, study towards the required expert knowledge appropriate to the §34a factories act (German law).
  • Besides the necessary training, the guards have to pass through a company internal training course before working on military garrisons.
  • For the theoretical and practical education we have 15 competent and experienced instructors available.
  • In the theoretical education 40 initial and 80 object-related rehearsal trainings are carried out annually. Further the intermediation of the Germany army provisions ZDv 10/6, as well as ZDv 14/9.
  • In the practical education far-over 100 object-related trainings are carried out annualy.
  • This includes the intermediation of basic knowledge (e.g. identity checks, handcuffing, searching and temporarily detention.
  • At operator models we regularly carry out scenery training.

Quality management for the best security services


Sicherheit Nord relies on a transparent documentation of our performance as the best way to demonstrate the quality of our services. We play with open cards. Our corporate principles and goals we have summarized in our quality manual, which is binding for all employees and their managers. Our quality manual is also available for our customers to review. The quality of our performance we define according to a standard, DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008, in which we are certified.

Facts about Sicherheit Nord quality management:

  • Certified quality management system acc. DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Certificate GZ
  • Certified safety, health and environmental management system according to the standard SCCP certificate.
  • Standardized work instructions that are constantly reviewed and centrally updated to provide the correct guidance for all guard force personnel
  • Object-oriented documentation of security services
  • Recognized training center for the training of security personnel to work in port facilities
  • Annual education and training of our managers and trainers; further training for specialized trainers
  • Training guidelines for each department
  • Application of security functions from control centers
  • Security duty post performance tests for all personnel
  • Practical performance assessment
  • Departmental internal quality controls and audits

First-class training for a security dog and its handler


In order to meet the stringent requirements of guarding military installations, an equally tough security dog and handler training program is needed. This is why Sicherheit Nord runs its own training center. In this program, decades of experience among 20 proven instructors comes together to train, on a weekly basis, and prepare the dogs and their handlers for certification testing and the rigors of both operational missions and continued sustainment training and certificati

Points on Sicherheit Nord security dog and handler training:

  • Long-running, established, and independent training center
  • About 300 dog handlers with an average of 160 service dogs successfully undergo annual testing to security police dogs qualifications DH-APR I-III, IPO I-III and DPOBw
  • A total of about 14,000 courses per year
  • 20 experienced instructors guarantee quality education
  • Sicherheit Nord dog handlers, with their security dogs, successfully compete in nation-wide championships

Our instructors have an exceptionally high level of knowledge and expertise:

  • VBG seminar HAS I and HAS II
  • Proficiency examination / instructor for working dog sports
  • Membership in the Association for the German Kennel Club
  • Protection helper / handler at German Championships and World Championships
  • Judges in the Association for German Shepherd Dogs

Weapons training from the ground up


Sicherheit Nord conducts its own weapons training for security personnel - a key part of preparing the guard force to protect military installations. Our company has training centers staffed with experienced instructors, who provide a legal and practical training base for our guards. These instructors also organize continued training so that our guard force personnel can quickly become experienced shooters. Finally, the training sessions are specifically tailored to the military installation security environme

Facts about Sicherheit Nord's firearms training:

  • The company has about 30 certified weapons instructors, plus weapons experts and a highly-qualified weapons inspector
  • Every year, we train over 1,000 security personnel on the P8 pistol
  • In addition to the P8 pistol, based on customer wishes, other weapon models are available
  • Each year, at least 40 new employees receive their initial firearms training
  • Our training centers run over a hundred mission-specific refresher training sessions annually
  • Just based on quarterly qualification shooting, our personnel shoot over 90,000 9mm cartridges annually.
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