Our ultra-modern emergency call centres throughout Germany react faster than lightning. Experienced security specialists work around the clock to secure properties throughout Germany. Whether an alarm or an emergency, Sicherheit Nord immediately initiates the measures necessary for your security and safety.

State Emergency number
Baden-Württemberg 0431 640 64
Bavaria 030 70 79 200
Berlin 030 70 79 200
Brandenburg 030 70 79 200
Bremen 0431 640 64
Hamburg 0431 640 64
Hesse 02433 9800
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania 0381 492 160
Lower Saxony 0431 640 64
North Rhine-Westphalia 02433 9800
Rhineland-Palatinate 02433 9800
Saarland 0431 640 64
Saxony 030 70 79 200
Saxony-Anhalt 030 70 79 200
Schleswig-Holstein 0431 640 64
Thuringia 030 70 79 200

Sicherheit Nord

Professionals for over 100 years

Sicherheit Nord is a family-owned and family-run SME with a long tradition in northern Germany. Today Sicherheit Nord is successful nationwide as a certified security firm with total quality management. Sicherheit Nord provides everything you would expect from a professional security firm: from radio patrol services to securing military properties.

Ultra-modern security technology in action


Contacts and branch offices throughout Germany


Quality security doesn't happen by chance

We use the most up-to-date technology to guarantee your security. At the heart of many of our security services are our ultra-modern emergency and service centres which are all over Germany. Our security professionals are highly qualified and have completed a demanding course of training at our own security school.

The goals and principles of our business are all in our quality manual which is binding for all employees. Our quality manual is also available to our customers at any time. The quality of our service is defined according to the standards of DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015.

Our quality management is based on trust in our employees, mobilizing their know-how, their intelligence and their sense of responsibility. It is a system that cannot be bought but one that lives from and through our employees. The satisfaction of our customers is what drives us and is our most important goal. We continually monitor our service and strive to improve it.

Sicherheit Nord does not accept racist or radical political statements by its employees. Sicherheit Nord has no contact to radical right-wingers and does not accept contracts from such people. 

Against right-wing extremism,
racism and xenophobia.